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  • Counter culture, daring, stylish, and colorful hoodies with original designs that are here to stay
  • Rep your culture, your ideas, and personality with our apparel
  • Be proud to be yourself!

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What does Dificulty mean?

Dificulty means being an outcast, being different, being yourself. Dificulty defines our personal struggle to fit in, our struggle to be “normal”. So we don’t want no one to be “normal”. Aspire to be more, to become a disruptor, a rebel, to be yourself. And be proud of being yourself.

We want people to wear something they are proud to wear, that represents them and what they stand for. And looking damn good while doing it.

So what are you waiting for?

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About dificulty

We are three entrepreneurs from Mexico City trying to share our lunacy to the world. To show that it doesn’t matter where you come from you can succeed. All of our designs come from the amazing mind of one of our co-founders Pablo Ulloa Rivera. We believe that everything you’ve ever wanted is in the other side of your comfort zone. Want to join us?

The Team

Pablo is our head designer. Almost everything you see in this page came out of this dude’s head. Tbh, I didn’t think he had it in him, but here we are. He played tennis for five years till he realized he didn’t like it.

Salvador is another of our cofounder’s, this man knows everyone everywhere he goes, and loves a good party (just like the rest of the group). If you need a good driver, he’s got your back.

Paki or Patricio is probably the craziest of the bunch. Anything is possible around this guy. ADHD’s definition and has the attention span of a goldfish. Never trust this guy to take care of anything valuable. He will lose it.